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Terms & Conditions

  • What software do I need?
    Any SmartPhone can be turned into a digital recorder using the free OutSec Medical App and no additional software is required. Alternatively a traditional digital recorder can be used to dictate and upload via laptop or computer to the OutSec Medical FileManager system.
  • Why are OutSec Medical market leaders?
    A question we are asked many times! It is a combination of elements that distinguish OutSec Medical from its competitors. Our passion for excellence and eye for detail, alongside financial investment in the very best technology, ensure we provide a first-class service. Our close working relationship with our clients ensure the OutSec Medical experience is polite, professional and pleasant. Our Client Care Programme assures a real relationship is developed between client and company. OutSec Medical becomes a natural partner to your existing office.
  • What is the minimum charge for using the service?
    OutSec Medical has no minimum charge. There are no contracts, no fees and no minimum monthly charges. OutSec Medical charges solely on the length of dictation. A true pay-as-you-go service with complete flexibility. Two unique services: Standard 24 hour turnaround £1.30 per audio minute + VAT. Priority (back asap) £1.60 per audio minute + VAT. As an example a recorded 10 minutes of dictation would be charged at £1.30 per minute equating to £13+VAT. We offer a strictly 30 day settlement period following invoicing at the start of the month. Payment is quickest and easiest via BACs, or GoCardless our direct debit associate, being the easiest for both parties. Alternatively PayPal or credit card via the OutSec Medical FileManager platform is an option.
  • How long until I receive my transcription?
    An automatic email notification is generated as soon as dictation is uploaded to the OutSec Medical award-winning FileManager System. There are two unique services: 24 hour turnaround (£1.30 per audio minute) + VAT. Priority (immediate) (1.60 per audio minute) + VAT. Once the work is completed you will receive a confirmation email that the transcript is complete and ready for collection, either from your secure password-protected area or within your chosen document management system. Notifications can be sent to different email addresses at the same time, for example at work and home and/or your PA or secretarial assistant.
  • How long does it take to get set-up?
    If you already have a digital recorder or smartphone then your account can be set up in less than 10 minutes. Smartphone: Simply download the appropriate App from the Apple/Google store. Digital recorder: Set up on account on the website. In either case, you will be issued with a login name and password to your own secure password-protected area of the FileManager platform. This area incorporates a view of all files uploaded and returned, current invoice status and a Master Account facility for larger companies who need an overview of workflow from all internal dictators. As an addition comprehensive stats are clearly visible for management purposes.
  • Do you provide training?
    OutSec Medical recommends training for all large corporations. Digital transcription from OutSec Medical will become a vital part of your workflow management and it is crucial that implementation is as smooth as possible. OutSec Medical will tailor a program to suit the way your company works and the type of work generated. This may take the form of on-site or remote learning. At the end you will have access to your very own transcription service!
  • Do I have to repeat addresses ever time I dictate something?
    Templates store information and are amended as required. OutSec Medical replicates all your office in-house formatting as well as integrating with workflow and case management systems. Repetition of standard addresses, phrases, and key words is avoided with add-in programs, custom dictionaries, postcode search systems, autotext and autocorrect all added to client templates to ensure consistency. Naturally if provided with licences, fobs or entrance credentials we will type up the work in your Practice's case management system.
  • My work is seasonal - Is this a problem?
    No. The beauty of outsourcing is that it is a facility that you use when needed. However the more you use OutSec Medical, the better your transcriptionist will become at understanding your special requirements! The economics too provide a minimum of 30% savings compared to in-house typing facilities. OutSec Medical has no minimum charge. There are no contracts, no fees and no minimum monthly charges. OutSec Medical charges solely on the length of dictation. A true pay-as-you-go service with complete flexibility.
  • How do you invoice?
    At month-end, by email PDF attachment, fully detailed by a per-line entry for each sound file received, its length and the time taken for transcription. Settlement terms are strictly net 30 days.
  • Where will my typing be done and by whom?
    We are 100% British and a UK registered limited company with full UK VAT status. Our typists are primarily based in the UK, although we do have a division in the States which handles the property inventory department. Each client is provided with a dedicated lead and back-up typist. This ensures continuity and enables both client and typist to become familiar with each other - vital in providing the best transcript possible and is the reason why we have been so successful over the years. All typists have had a minimum of 5 years of experience in their sector speciality. Each typist is thoroughly vetted by the Management Team, and have signed a Confidentiality Agreement and been trained in GDPR and security issues before being allocated to a client.
  • What is your ethical stance?
    OutSec Medical's philosophy is to ensure the moral compass of management do not have biases, are not prejudiced and are fair minded in all aspects of the business. We are emphatically a British company operating under British law and are proud of our reputation as one of the UK’s most respected companies to work for. A suitable financial compensation is paid to our typists, the reason why many of them have been with us for years and years.
  • Where are you based?
    We do not have a physical office as that is the beauty of outsourcing and the new digital world that we live in! Everyone works from their home but are linked via the FileManager System and use Skype, Zoom or Teams for management meetings.
  • How long have you been operating?
    Outsec Medical was started by Vanessa French who has had 20 years in the business. During that time Vanessa was a finalist in both the British Female Inventor and Innovators of the Year Awards 2006 as well as the European Women of Achievement Awards in the same year. She is also featured in a book by Michelle Rosenberg entitled ‘Inspiring Women’ alongside Annabel Karmel, Jane Packer & Chrissie Rucker amongst others. Her experience in the industry has ensured that the company is known for its top quality transcription along with our client dedicated App and tailored FileManager system, unique in the industry.
  • How do you handle confidential work?
    All our transcriptionists are bound by a Confidentiality Agreement. Sensitive work is processed on non-networked PCs by prior arrangement. OutSec Medical Ltd complies with The Data Protection Act. Both original and completed files are automatically deleted from the FileManager system 40 days after work completion. The FileManager system is protected by Thawte. Thawte is trusted by millions of people worldwide. An SSL certificate is issued and shown on the login page. Rigorous authentication methods and a global infrastructure to support real-time certificate look-ups ensure that you are safe when logging in to OutSec Medical FileManager.
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