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General Practice Medical Transcription Service

The Benefits for General Practitioners

What happens when staff are sick, on holiday or away for any other reason? 

How do you keep on top of your typing requirements?


Most GP practices and independent clinics have enough staff for their day to day medical typing needs. but increasingly the expense of employing agency staff is both costly and time inefficient.  Working alongside existing staff the OutSec Medical Typing Solution enables internal staff flexibility.



Partnering with OutSec Medical means you have extra typists available to pick up overflow, emergency letters whilst, perhaps more importantly, your internal staff can improve your patient journeys. Increasingly practices are being seen as impersonal with a different face and or voice on every patient call. Additionally working within a GP Practice can be stressful if other staff members are away.  As an example if one staff member is away sick, simply outsource your typing requirements to OutSec Medical and switch to other important practice requirements.

Traditional Tape-Based Systems

By using the OutSec Medical "Speak" App you can send work direct to your internal typists and/or to your dedicated OutSec Medical Typists. You can therefore pick and choose who does the typing dependent on workflow on a day to day basis. 

Key Benefits of the OutSec Medical Typing Solution

  • No start-up costs

  • Complete flexibility; can be used daily or as and when required.

  • No need to take on temps or overload in-house secretaries during holiday leave or absences.

  • Cuts out temporary typing staff costs and HR recruitment.

  • Deadlines always met however busy the surgery is.

  • OutSec Medical can add and subtract typists to client needs.

  • Management can audit workflows and usage through their own administrative interface that allows them to see what is happening at any time and control cost.

  • Experienced sector specialist dedicated typists.  Lead and second typist allocated to each and every client.

  • Enables in-house secretarial resources to be diverted to more of an organisational/PA role.

  • Established system already in use around the country.

  • secure system that complies with NHS guidelines and the Data Protection Act. 

  • Extremely low impact on IT systems due to the system being browser based - you can start using the system quickly without IT problems.

Doctor benefits

  • Fast turnaround time enables patients to receive their letters faster or 'immediately' if required. 

  • Easy to use interface that works with Internet Explorer and Chrome.

  • Very little change in working practices for staff - hence no retraining required.

Many surgeries send all their dictation work to us so that their employees can focus on core responsibilities and patient care:

  • Typing costs are reduced by 30%+.  

  • Efficiencies are improved.  

  • No more recruitment and training costs for new and/or temporary staff.​



£1.20 / Audio Min


£1.50 / Audio Min

A simple 3 step fast, accurate & professional service with guaranteed timeframes and money-back guarantees!

Work smart, not hard.

Dictate an audio file/s using the free OutSec Medical "Speak" App or digital recorder.


Send to the OutSec Medical FileManager system where your dedicated typist will start typing.


An automated email alerts you when your work is completed and you can pick it up from our system/view it in your chosen case management system.


The OutSec Medical Typing Solution guarantees turnaround times or will give you your money back! 

How it works

Each client is allocated a Personal Account Manager who will tailor the service to your specific needs reflecting your brand and identity. The OutSec Medical FileManager system is a custom workflow solution that receives audio files immediately uploaded.  In combination with the OutSec Medical "Speak" App the service ensures a transcription service that is simple and cost efficient. The App can be used to dictate from anywhere, at any time with an instant 'send' facility to typists. Our medical typists enter transcriptions into patient management systems directly or into Word documents whatever your preference. As a result, typing deadlines are always met daily and without fuss.

Two Unique Services

Standard Service £1.30 per audio minute + VAT

Premium Service £1.60 per audio minute + VAT

Quite simply a 10-minute audio file will cost  £13 on our standard 24 hour turnaround service and £16 on our priority (immediate) typing solution. Why not Open an account today?


OutSec Medical has a strict policy on sensitive information, which is why we adhere to the highest standards of data protection and security, as seen by our certifications. If you would like confidentiality (or non-disclosure agreements) signed this is not a problem and references can be provided should you request them.

Open An Account

All you need is internet access and an email address

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