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New to Private Practice?

We Can Help You Transition From NHS to Private Practice. Give us a call now on 020 7112 7538

It all starts with a discovery call.

Having made the decision to set up your private practice there are a number of steps to follow to ensure an effective, smooth start.  As a busy consultant this is not always easy to do.  At OutSec Medical we support you from our first discovery call.  Our experience allows us to guide you through those steps and help you establish your practice management systems, phone lines, website and profile. 

During our first conversation we will work to understand your aims and requirements.  Whether you have arranged practising rights in a clinic or are building your own dedicated practice we have the knowledge and experience to make the process as smooth as possible. And our ongoing support means we are there to help as you establish yourself.


We’ll help you choose and set up your practice management system.

If you haven’t already done so, this is a great place to start.  It will save you time and improve efficiency.  Your chosen practice management system will create tasks and workflows, help you keep on top of billing, create an efficient diary system, store patient letters and reports and help with GDPR compliance.  

There are a variety of systems to choose from and a wide range of prices depending on complexity, but it is money well spent.  We will explain the various options and point you in the direction of the best solution.

Our Medical PAs are experienced in a wide variety of practice management systems and will support and guide you in your choice and help manage the set up.


We can give you your own dedicated phone number.

Alongside our partners at Smart Numbers we will help you organise a virtual landline.  There are a number of features which create a professional feel from the very first call (call announcement, divert on busy, voicemail to email) and you can choose a number to suit where you work.

Call statistics are available to enable you and your Medical PA to monitor your practice analytics.


In the beginning your priority will be to ensure your phone calls and email enquiries are answered.  With phone cover from 9-5pm your dedicated Medical PA will ensure your new patient calls are captured and dealt with effectively.  

You’ll need someone to manage your diary, book appointments and set up your practice systems, as well as help promote your brand.  Our flexible, transparent billing plan is designed to support your needs. Starting on a package of 10 hours a month allows for half an hour of focused admin a day alongside the all-important 9-5 phone cover.

As your practice grows, your PA will grow with you, building a longstanding, valuable relationship with your patients.  Our ad hoc support packages move up in 10 hour increments on a monthly basis.  And once you are at a stage where a part-time or full time PA is needed, we can help with that too.

We’ll help you choose the right medical PA support package.

We can design and build you a website.

A website is vital and will tell visitors who you are, what you offer and most importantly how to contact you. It’s a platform to connect with your patients and provide them with answers to questions, and establish your authority within your specialism.

We can guide you through all the steps to build your website – deciding on a domain name and registering it with a domain provider.  


If branding and logo design isn’t your thing we can help.  Taking your ideas and using our expertise, our established design team will create a user-friendly, professional website which will increase your online presence and attract more patients.

Website creation

Open An Account

All you need is internet access and an email address

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