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Pathology Reporting and Transcription Service

Why OutSec Medical Transcription Service is right for Pathologists?

Most pathology transcription consists of typing short reports, often a couple of sentences long, on surgical specimens from biopsied tissue samples.  Pathologists may also dictate medical notes and reports of patients from larger samples from the breast, colon, amputated limbs or things like cervical swabs or fine needle aspirates.  The pathologist looks at the samples and dictates the diagnosis made from the specimens.


Choose the OutSec Medical Transcription Solution and we can transcribe directly into your system.  We will tailor our lab transcription service to meet your formatting or template requirements which will guarantee that your reports are ready to print when returned to you.  Any print edits can simply be done by us if required, free of charge.  

Flawless Perfection

At OutSec Medical we understand the importance of accuracy.  By using the OutSec Medical Solution you are guaranteed a team of transcriptionists all with at least 5 years' experience in the field and available on our pay-as-you- go system working alongside your PAs and or for overflow or increased work volumes.  For accurate, timely and cost-effective pathology transcription services, The OutSec Medical Typing Solution has the experience you want, need and deserve.


Our secure pathology transcription options streamline your workflow and allow for the fastest turnaround times available. Our medical transcriptionists can complete your anatomical or clinical reports anywhere from a one-hour turnaround time to 24-hour turnaround times. We know your time is valuable and there are always hundreds more slides to analyze.

Getting started is easy!

  1. Dictate your audio file/s using the free OutSec Medical "Speak" App or digital recorder.

  2. Send to the OutSec Medical FileManager system where your dedicated typist will start typing.

  3. An automated email alerts you when your work is completed and you can pick it up from our system/view it in your chosen case management system.


OutSec Medical guarantees turnaround times or will give you your money back! 


Two Unique Services

Standard: £1.30 per audio minute + VAT

Premium: £1.60 per audio minute + VAT

Quite simply a 10-minute audio file will cost  £13 + VAT on our standard 24 hour turnaround service and £16 + VAT on our priority (immediate) typing solution. Why not Open an account today?



£1.30 / Audio Min


£1.60 / Audio Min

We specialise in the full range of pathology transcription services: 

  • General/Investigative Pathology

  • Anatomical Pathology

  • Clinical Pathology

  • Dermatopathology

  • Forensic Pathology

  • Molecular Pathology

  • Transfusional medicine

  • Hematopathology and Oncopathology

  • And More

How it Works


Each client is allocated a Personal Account Manager who will tailor the service to your specific needs.  A totally flexible pay-as-you-go service The OutSec Medical Typing Solution enables you to use it as and when required, particularly useful for lengthy reports.  

In combination with the OutSec Medical "Speak" App the service ensures a transcription service that is simple and cost efficient. The App can be used to dictate from anywhere, at any time with an instant 'send' facility to typists. As a result, typing deadlines are always met daily and without fuss.

​OutSec Medical has a strict policy on sensitive information, which is why we adhere to the highest standards of data protection and security, as seen by our certifications (ISO 27001 Certified and Cyber Security Accredited) . If you would like confidentiality (or non-disclosure agreements) signed this is not a problem and references can be provided should you request them.

Open An Account

All you need is internet access and an email address

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