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Medical Papers, Articles, Editorials, and Web-based submissions Transcription Service

Why Medical papers, Articles, Editorials, and Web-Based Submissions Transcription Are So Important

It’s all due to the growth of technology. Diagnoses, reports, and referrals all demand immediate typing. Can you say that your practice is stress-free, and that you or your nurses have no trouble meeting typing deadlines? If you already dictate your reports and your internal typist is ill what happens?  If you write the report out and then get it typed up this is not time efficient for your practice.  By using the PetSec transcription solution typing is always guaranteed and the service can be used as and when required.  Free up your internal staff from paperwork and enrich your practice with technology that saves both time and money today. 

"Clinicians care to help pets and their people, not because they are passionate about paperwork!"


£1.50 / Audio Min


£1.20 / Audio Min

A smarter way of working...

Getting started is easy!

  1. Dictate an audio file/s using the free OutSec Medical "Speak" App or digital recorder.

  2. Send to the OutSec Medical FileManager system where your dedicated typist will start typing.

  3. An automated email alerts you when your work is completed and you can pick it up from our system/view it in your chosen case management system.


PetSec guarantees turnaround times or will give you your money back! 


Two Unique Services

Standard Service £1.30 per audio minute

Premium Service £1.60 per audio minute

Quite simply a 15-minute audio file (costing £1.30) per audio minute will normally take a touch typist an hour to type.  More for those inexperienced.  Therefore 15 x £1.30 = £19.50/hour. For a typing service by touch typists, this is excellent value for money.  £19.50/hour for a pay-as-you-go service that is constant, can meet deadlines whatever the volumes, is exceptional.  £19.50/hour for a service that allocates you a specific lead and back-up typist who work with you to ensure excellent typing day-on-day provides value at an extraordinary level.  Why not try us and see!  Open an account today


How it works

Each client is allocated a Personal Account Manager who will tailor the service to your specific needs reflecting your brand and identity. The OutSec Medical FileManager system is a custom workflow solution that receives audio files immediately uploaded.  In combination with the OutSec Medical App the service ensures a transcription service that is simple and cost efficient. The App can be used to dictate from anywhere, at any time with an instant 'send' facility to typists. Our medical sector-specialist typists enter transcriptions into patient management systems directly or into Word documents whatever your preference. As a result, typing deadlines are always met daily and without fuss.


Many surgeries send all their dictation work to us so that their employees can focus on core responsibilities and patient care:

  • Typing costs are reduced by 30%+.  

  • Efficiencies are improved.  

  • No more recruitment and training costs for new and/or temporary staff.

OutSec Medical has a strict policy on sensitive information, which is why we adhere to the highest standards of data protection and security, as seen by our certifications. If you would like confidentiality (or non-disclosure agreements) signed this is not a problem and references can be provided should you request them.

Open An Account

All you need is internet access and an email address

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