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Why OutSec Medical?

Why use the OutSec Medical Transcription Service

Just consider: you talk four times faster than you write! Your time is valuable.  Why spend it typing or, equally use a valuable staff member to type who will be more expensive and better employed growing the business.  It's primarily economics but, additionally, it is a way to maximise profits and the bottom line.

As an example visit our Cost Calculator to see precisely how much your typing (or your in-house typing facility) are costing and compare that to our typing solution cost.

Outstanding quality is the mainstay of our business.  Not only do OutSec Medical transcriptionists type, but they also edit and perfect dictation. As a result, this gives OutSec Medical an edge over other providers. The OutSec Medical typist reports on audio issues, such as muffled voice, incorrect dictaphone settings, or indeed bad dictation. We help you learn the art! Helpful hints will be given to you which will result in better transcription. Don’t worry, this is part and parcel of the OutSec Medical Solution and you are in safe hands!

Easy to Use with the free OutSec Medical "Speak" App

The OutSec Medical "Speak" App turns any Smartphone into a digital recorder.  It has been specifically designed for Clinicians.  As a result clients can simply dictate files 'on the go' in the office, from home, or even on holiday! 

By using our free App on your Smartphone. or dictation software on a recording device, your office is literally in your hands!

On Time or Your Money Back

Our service is based on a typist taking four times the length of an audio file to type up the transcript to polished perfection. This includes layout, edited grammar, where appropriate, and proofreading to ensure it meets the high standards for which we are known.

As an example, a 15-minute audio file dictated on our App or on a digital recorder will take an hour to type up, which comes to £19.50 per hour at £1.30 per audio minute for our standard 24 hour service. (excluding VAT).  Our priority (back asap) service which is £1.60 per audio minute would work out at £24.00


The benefits include but are not limited to providing:

  • a dedicated typing service by transcriptionists with a minimum of 5 years' experience.

  • a constant pay-as-you-go service meeting deadlines whatever the volumes.

  • a service that allocates you a specific lead and back-up typist ensuring excellent typing day-on-day. 

ISO 27001 Certification and Cyber Security Accredited

OutSec Medical are assessed annually by two government backed institutions:

ISO 27001 certification demonstrates that we follow international best practices for information management, company organisation and security management.

Cyber Security Accreditation is the international standard for information security management and recognises we have successfully demonstrated good security practices in information and communication technology.  If you need any more information on any of the above, please do not hesitate to email Murray Hart, OutSec Medical's IT Director, at

Only the Best

All transcripts are proof-read before return ensuring a premium transcription service enabling Clinicians to focus on increasing their business whilst also saving time and money.  On average cost savings will amount to 30% or more depending on the hourly rate charged by specialist veterinary surgeons for their services.  At £19.50 per hour, this is an ideal opportunity to work smart but not hard!

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